A partnership for celebration

Our concept « The Hive / Tree of Knowledge » tackled all Accenture’s challenges, through a digital engagement platform. Starting from Accenture’s 6 core values, we have designed and developed a fun and easy to use gamification app to incentivize and create meaningful conversations between the company and its employees.

In addition, as Accenture ‘s main target public is the students community, we organized several sports themed events, and delivered PR, digital, creative and print services.

The Hive / Tree of Knowledge 

  • The platform helped Accenture understand the psychological & social profile for all their employees in Romania

  • It allowed for different incentives to be offered to the employees who used it, thus increasing the retention rate.

  • The gamification app had a high engagement rate with more than 50% of the employees having used it.

Event management

  • “Be active. Be the first. Be greater than.” – over 500 participants in the online contest

  • Bucharest Marathon, october 2016 – Overall capaign reach of 12,000 people, 550 people engaged with the photo booth, 200 contest attendees, over 230 Accenture employees registered at the race.